Diane Schuler – Drunk and High Mother that Caused Accident

Millions of Americans have been haunted by this tragic story that took place on July 26, 2009 in New York. As for myself, it took me almost two weeks to get over the shock of eight people dying at once including four small children. I wanted to believe so badly that something medically was wrong, only because I didn’t want to believe that a mother would do this to her own kids and to her brother’s children.

The thought did cross my mind that perhaps she was drunk, but I didn’t entertain that long because I wanted to see what the test results would show. I thought something could have happened medically while driving to make her disoriented. I just wanted to believe the best even though it was a horrible story.

Diane Schuler weed

I saw Diane’s family picture and they looked like a nice, happy family. Lately, we all have been reading about parents driving drunk with their kids in the car.

This is happening all over and very frequently. Since I heard about this story, I woke up a few times during the night and my thoughts immediately were on Warren and Jackie Hance, the parents who lost their three young daughters.

All I could do was just pray for them. That was really the only thing I could do. I don’t know these people or have an address to send them a card or a donation. So, as they came to my mind, which was quite often, I just prayed for them.

My heart has been saddened like millions of other people to hear of this happening in the first place. Then when the toxicology reports came back, people changed from sadness to being furious. Many people have called Diane Schuler a murderer.

Her family appears to be in shock at this point.

As I continue to follow this story, things are slowly getting clearer. Now I am reading that her family members, (not her husband) knew and said that she smoked marijuana to help her sleep. If Diane’s brother in law knew about the marijuana, her husband had to know also. Slowly things are starting to make sense now.

Dan Schuler, Diane’s husband, is disputing these toxicology reports and blaming the accident on some ailments that she had. I don’t think that anyone can dispute these findings. Plus a bottle of vodka was at the accident scene as proof. Now Diane’s husband and lawyer are saying that Anbesol caused the accident. I really don’t know how they will get out of this one.

This story is too sad beyond words. New York authorities have called this the worst accident in 75 years.

This article has made national news because of the severity of it. Unfortunately, we continue to hear of these stories because cocaine and alcohol is such an addiction and people do not know how to drink in moderation like the Bible teaches us to. Something needs to be done immediately, because this seems to be a growing trend that is not getting better but worse.

More and more innocent lives will be at risk if something is not done soon.

How to pass a drug test for cocaine

How to get cocaine out of your system

I have seen a lot of questions in various forums, asking the same question over and over again,” How to get cocaine out of your system „ well, its actually very easy, if you know the basic you can pass a cocaine drug test easily.

I have also checked some youtube videos, there are a lot of deseparate people who are facing with an upcoming cocaine drug test:

„What a shit drug before u know it ur snorting ALL night long till 10 in the morning feeling empty, feeling like doing nothing. feeling exhausted heart rate 190.. feeling like shit wtf Did I do starring at the wall for the next hours in ur seat.. and you wont sleep for the next 8 hours. it just makes no fucking sense, that short high line that last 20 min.. it never lasts long enough.. its never enough . time goes quick.. pointless evil overpriced addicting drug.”

Honestly it sounds a little stupid for me, we all know drugs are bad, but no one force you to snorth cocaine every single week, because if you don’t smoke coke regularly, then its quite easy to get cocaine out of your system.

How to pass a drug test for cocaine

How to pass a cocaine urine test

There are a couple of ways to pass a drug test for coke. Its no different from opiates, amphetamines or THC. Use synthetic urine or detox drinks. I wouldn’t recommend detox pills because they take too long to take effect. If you are a regular coke user, then always keep a bottle of detox drink or synthetic urine at home, it can be life saver for you!

Comment from a cocaine drug test video:

Rescue Clenase 32Oz do work for cocaine i just took a drug test 11/05/2017. But you have to must drink alot of water and take the drink 2 hrs before drugs test. Remember the water flush coke out. You must drink lots of water after drinking Rescue cleanse . Need two hrs window than take the test very important ladies and gents.

How to pass a hair drug test for coke

There is only one reliable way to pass a hair follicle drug test for cocaine, its called the macujo method. Its not cheap because it requires some different shampoos and other detox products, but it does work. Do not forget coke, just like other drugs can stay in your hair for up to 3 months!

Saliva and Blood

If you have an upcoming saliva drug test the best hat you can do is to brush your teeth and gums as many times as you can and flush it with Listerine a couple of times, if you have 1-2 days before the test, you will pass it for sure.

Coke leave your blood relatively fast, after one day you should be fine, if you have less than one day, then a bottle of detox drink can solve your problem. The best ones are rescue cleanse and mega clean.

How to get cocaine out of your system fast

There is no way to get coke out of your system fast, unless its saliva or blood. For a urine drug test do not worry about detoxing, it takes up to one week. Just buy a bottle of detox drink as I said earlier or go with syntetic urine.

For hair drug test, the only way to get clean is to use the Macujo method, it will permanently clean your hair of coke, THC and other toxins.

Do We Really Want to Legalize Marijuana?

There is a new movement to legalize marijuana. This time it’s not coming from the hippies and stoners. It’s actually coming from renowned economists. Their argument is very persuasive in that it’s based on the prospective that during this time of economic contraction billions of dollars can be saved and generated if the focus was placed in a different direction.

So what exactly are they proposing? They are saying that billions of dollars can be saved if marijuana was legalized, from the law enforcement’s fight to stop the drugs from hitting the streets, legal representation and prosecution from the state to prosecute petty offences like a person found with a “joint”.

Because it is hard to track the amount of money spent on marijuana, since it is illegal, the figure is estimated somewhere between 40 billion and 110 billion dollars a year. Even more is spent on combating its use and most people agree that the fight is not being won by the law enforcement agencies.

Now if this substance was legalized then there would be a significant saving in revenue to fight the drug trade, and the new money generated from this new taxation could add up to a hefty sum. It all sounds great from an economic prospective or does it.

marijuana legalisation

The flip side to all this are numerous, one is that currently there are is the amount of money spent on alcohol related problems which is approximately 185 million dollars a year, if marijuana was legalized it is quite possible that the amount of money that will be spent to combat “weed” related problems could surpass the amount collected from the new tax.

Also it is estimated that approximately 16 million persons in the U.S. use marijuana, if it was legal we could see that number rise exponentially. This could seriously raise crime and disturbances which would in turn create more work for the law enforcement officers. So now instead of locking up persons for possession they will now have to deal with stoned disorderly and addicted individuals.

Some serious questions that need to be answered before this could seriously be considered would be.

• How exactly does marijuana affect a person?

• What is the real befits of marijuana use and is it effective the same way in everybody?

• Can marijuana use lead to other substance addiction such as alcohol and cocaine?

• Who will be given the right to grow and distribute marijuana?

• Is there going to be a standard set for the distribution?

The debate most likely can continue for quite a few years but my perspective is that the legalization of marijuana can lead to lot more problems for which we haven’t put forward a solution.

Sure Jell Drug Test Step by Step

Sure jell drug test

There are quite a few ways to pass a urine test, some people say the best and easiet way to pass a urine drug test is fake urine, there are other who recommend detox drinks or detox pills. In this article I am going to talk about the famous Sure Jell drug test method.

I am going to walk through in this guide on how to use Sure Jell to pass a drug test, how many times should you drink before the test, and of course the most important, how many times to pee before submitting the urine sample.

Its also important to take some B12 vitamin or gathorede to give your urine some color, otherways your urine will look deluted and they will refuse your sample.

Sure Jell Drug test instructions

The only reason this works is because certo and sure jell have compounds that combine with thc our bodies are constantly flushing thc out through our pee and sweat . but insted of exiting through our urine it would actually come out in the form of feces.

this isnt a cleanse it simply works for a short time specifically for a urine test after you drink the certo. you must flush out the thc that is still in your urine by chugging water and at least peeing 2-3 times before you take the test. lots of factors will be in effect if you failed the test after doing the certo trick. did you pee multiple times after?

or did you do this at least an hour before your real test? this process doesnt last long. thc will again be present in your urine 4-5 hours after the certo. you are also told to take 2 or 3 b12 pills depending on the mg to natrually darking the color of your urine so that your tests doesnt look diluted. again it doesnt magically clense you but it does temporarily stop thc from being testable in your urine.

Certo drug test

this method is not for blood test or anything else. and im not sure how it works with other drugs. i know however this works for weed. ive been doing this for years and if you understand the science behind it you won’t fail the test for incorrect procedure.

i recomend using a 32 oz of lemon lime gadorade. Certo and b12 pills of any brand. ive never used sure jell i assume the two are different since they are different brands in different boxes i dont know if there is but why risk it? you need to drink about an inch off the top of your Gatorade and pour the entire contents of Certo into your drink. finish it all in the span of at least 5 mins.

Chug about a gallon of water and sometime while your working on the water take 3 b12 pills just for good measure. make sure to urinate 2 or 3 times and when your taking your test only collect mid stream. the begining and end of your urine steam could contain the highest levels of THC should it still be present. only do this trick 1-2 hours before the test good luck!

If you follow this guide you will probably pass your urine test. I also recommend if you budget allows you to buy some Toxin Rid detox pills and start the detox prodram a few days before the drug test. This way, your body will get rid of most toxins before the test and Certo can mask the remaining amount much more easily.

These detox pills are not cheap, but they are proven to work. I will review these pills in my next article. If you have any questons related to Certo or any other detox solution, they leave a comment below, or drop me a mail.




Experts Meet in Central Florida to Help Curb Prescription Drug Abuse

Today, more than ever, teenagers and adults are abusing drugs that are typically designed to help patients suffering from chronic pain. The Office of National Drug Control Policy states a number of published studies indicate the main drugs being abused are pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants and sedatives.

An organization, FBI-Leeda, is a non-profit corporation with a goal to advance the science and art of law enforcement leadership and management and is instrumental in a local seminar designed to train law enforcement on how to curb prescription drug abuse.

In May, over 100 law enforcement officials from across Florida, including local law enforcement and government agencies, attended a seminar to help fight illegal trafficking and abuse of these drugs.

The seminar was co-sponsored by the Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (CFHIDTA). Purdue Pharma L.P., a privately held pharmaceutical company known for pioneering research on chronic pain, also provided educational support. Attendees also learned how to deter pharmacy theft with a program called RxPATROL.

This program teaches pharmacists how to guard against robberies and burglaries as well as how to assist law enforcement in catching pharmacy crime suspects. Steve Collins, Deputy Director of CFHIDTA was in attendance and said, “It is vital for our law enforcement community to keep abreast of changing trends in order to learn to identify the problems associated with this abuse and take steps to prevent it.” Collins adds, “This training will provide vital tools for law enforcement and the criminal justice community and shows the benefits of public and private sector resources working together for public safety.”

Prescription Drug Abuse in florida

Landon Gibbs, a Law Enforcement Liaison from Purdue Pharma, led the education session of the seminar. Gibbs has almost 30 years of law enforcement experience and experience with investigating the illegal trafficking of prescription medications.

Gibbs brought up the issue that many are concerned about which is how illegal trafficking and abuse of prescription medications can interfere with the care of people with serious illnesses and injuries. Gibbs said, “These medications have a legitimate purpose when used as directed, however, abusing prescription medications can have dangerous and even deadly consequences and can make it harder for people who need these medications to get them.

” The White House Drug Policy site instructs patients to dispose of their prescription drugs via the trash unless the label instructs differently. It has been debated that when drugs are flushed or disposed of in the sink, the medicine is easily added to the water supply.

The site also asks patients to discard expired medicine via trash as well and cited the most abused categories of prescription drug abuse as painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin, depressants such as Xanax and Valium, stimulants like Ritalin and steroids which can cause cancer, liver cysts, severe acne and hair loss. Gibbs concluded, “People should secure medications in the home, encourage friends and relatives to safeguard their medications and ask their pharmacist about how to properly dispose of medications they no longer need.”

Drug Treatment Programs for Your Teenager

A few years ago I attended a place in LA called the Dream Center. While there I was shocked by how many teenagers and young adults moved through their recovery program. Just this year I found myself again in a recovery program supporting a close family member and was shocked by how many young adults and teenagers were involved in that program.

It was a vivid reminder that we have many parents who are struggling with their teenager’s drug abuse.

When I talk to people about recovery programs or drug treatment programs I get a lot of funny looks. We immediately think of an old group of people sitting around in a circle, smoking cigarettes, and spilling their soul all over the floor. I can’t remember a teenager I have talked to that wishes or desires to be apart of a group like that.

But truth be told, I have seen many teenagers not only get hope from these groups, minus the old people spilling their souls. For instance, a teenager just came out of a group and he could not stop talking about the people he connected with.

He kept telling me that he could not believe their were people out there that had gone through the same things he had.

So the first of the three drug programs for teenagers I want to talk about is exactly that.

Drug Treatment for teenagers

1) 12 step or Celebrate recovery programs

The easiest ways to find a program in your area is to either go to the celebrate recovery web page or AA web-page to find meetings in your area. They occur almost every night and every location. Celebrate Recovery programs are a faith based 12 step program and AA is the more traditional 12 step program. I have worked and led both of these types of groups. Both are positive and both are great programs. I think either one of them could help any teenager and both would be welcoming of a teenager in their group.

2) Engage in the home.

There is no substitute for someone to engage their teenager in their home. Every time I see parents engage their students in the home good things happen. Teenagers will fight it and keep you at an arms length, but every time a parent does not give up, good things happen.We as parents know when our kids go dark, we also can see it in their lives when they disconnect. It is when we break in and get involved in our kids that they begin to see the support system around them that allows them to succeed.

They will fail unless you are there for accountability and watching the actions of your teen. If you want to see your teen actually break the addiction they have you will need to be involved. Think of it this way. Whatever you are doing now…do 25% more.

3) Removal

I am not talking about removal from the home but removal from their environment. Don’t go out and sell your home or anything drastic unless your teenagers are buying their drugs from your neighbors.

You need to become proactive in discovering where they are getting their drugs and address the issue. If it is at school go to the school. If it is from someone on the street, go to the parent. Become the detective and begin to remove them from their normal environment.

It is wise to call parents of friends to put everyone on notice. I know parents who will find drug free school and actually mover their teenager’s to that school.

In one neighborhood we did some work and discovered where the teenagers were hanging out at night. We then set up some parent watches and begin sending parents on parole into those parks. We wanted to take over the spots they were using for selling drugs. Plus when a teenager would end up missing, the parent knew where to go to find them.

The last thing to remember is that your teen will fail and stutter along the way. You have to know that your teen will have set backs at the beginning. They will use again and find themselves tempted and give into that temptation.

But if you find a recovery group, take control of your home, and work through the removal process, you might be able to create a teen drug treatment that will work

It is the best chance to change your life with the help of the marijuana

You can have double benefits with the same marijuana and how good news is that. You can get pleasure and happiness when you smoke as well with its help you can able to cure lot of other health issues and stay fit and active. This drug had been used mainly in the medical field to treat up and to cure many hard problems. Why marijuana should be legal if it is legal then you can get them easily and benefited.

  • It can be used to retain you from the mood disorder which would give the entire happiness for you and the person who is near you.

  • It is also used for the degenerative neurological disorders like the dystonia.

  • Not only this, it is also used for the treatment of the post traumatic stress disorder problems as well the seizures.

You can take the marijuana in the different type as like you wish

You might had got the clear answer for why marijuana should be legal after knowing its benefits and the magical power that it have inside it. Are only the men and the women who inhale that get benefited? Not like that the marijuana is not only taken in the form of the cigarette type it can be also used by all the different type of the aged person in the different type.

For the children the lotion that had been made up with the marijuana can be used directly in the affected place to get the fast relief. It can also be used by all the type of the people and the injection or cream would react effectively in the skin and gives you the quick relief from the muscle pain and for the other type of skin problems.