How to pass a drug test for cocaine

How to get cocaine out of your system

I have seen a lot of questions in various forums, asking the same question over and over again,” How to get cocaine out of your system „ well, its actually very easy, if you know the basic you can pass a cocaine drug test easily.

I have also checked some youtube videos, there are a lot of deseparate people who are facing with an upcoming cocaine drug test:

„What a shit drug before u know it ur snorting ALL night long till 10 in the morning feeling empty, feeling like doing nothing. feeling exhausted heart rate 190.. feeling like shit wtf Did I do starring at the wall for the next hours in ur seat.. and you wont sleep for the next 8 hours. it just makes no fucking sense, that short high line that last 20 min.. it never lasts long enough.. its never enough . time goes quick.. pointless evil overpriced addicting drug.”

Honestly it sounds a little stupid for me, we all know drugs are bad, but no one force you to snorth cocaine every single week, because if you don’t smoke coke regularly, then its quite easy to get cocaine out of your system.

How to pass a drug test for cocaine

How to pass a cocaine urine test

There are a couple of ways to pass a drug test for coke. Its no different from opiates, amphetamines or THC. Use synthetic urine or detox drinks. I wouldn’t recommend detox pills because they take too long to take effect. If you are a regular coke user, then always keep a bottle of detox drink or synthetic urine at home, it can be life saver for you!

Comment from a cocaine drug test video:

Rescue Clenase 32Oz do work for cocaine i just took a drug test 11/05/2017. But you have to must drink alot of water and take the drink 2 hrs before drugs test. Remember the water flush coke out. You must drink lots of water after drinking Rescue cleanse . Need two hrs window than take the test very important ladies and gents.

How to pass a hair drug test for coke

There is only one reliable way to pass a hair follicle drug test for cocaine, its called the macujo method. Its not cheap because it requires some different shampoos and other detox products, but it does work. Do not forget coke, just like other drugs can stay in your hair for up to 3 months!

Saliva and Blood

If you have an upcoming saliva drug test the best hat you can do is to brush your teeth and gums as many times as you can and flush it with Listerine a couple of times, if you have 1-2 days before the test, you will pass it for sure.

Coke leave your blood relatively fast, after one day you should be fine, if you have less than one day, then a bottle of detox drink can solve your problem. The best ones are rescue cleanse and mega clean.

How to get cocaine out of your system fast

There is no way to get coke out of your system fast, unless its saliva or blood. For a urine drug test do not worry about detoxing, it takes up to one week. Just buy a bottle of detox drink as I said earlier or go with syntetic urine.

For hair drug test, the only way to get clean is to use the Macujo method, it will permanently clean your hair of coke, THC and other toxins.

Sure Jell Drug Test Step by Step

Sure jell drug test

There are quite a few ways to pass a urine test, some people say the best and easiet way to pass a urine drug test is fake urine, there are other who recommend detox drinks or detox pills. In this article I am going to talk about the famous Sure Jell drug test method.

I am going to walk through in this guide on how to use Sure Jell to pass a drug test, how many times should you drink before the test, and of course the most important, how many times to pee before submitting the urine sample.

Its also important to take some B12 vitamin or gathorede to give your urine some color, otherways your urine will look deluted and they will refuse your sample.

Sure Jell Drug test instructions

The only reason this works is because certo and sure jell have compounds that combine with thc our bodies are constantly flushing thc out through our pee and sweat . but insted of exiting through our urine it would actually come out in the form of feces.

this isnt a cleanse it simply works for a short time specifically for a urine test after you drink the certo. you must flush out the thc that is still in your urine by chugging water and at least peeing 2-3 times before you take the test. lots of factors will be in effect if you failed the test after doing the certo trick. did you pee multiple times after?

or did you do this at least an hour before your real test? this process doesnt last long. thc will again be present in your urine 4-5 hours after the certo. you are also told to take 2 or 3 b12 pills depending on the mg to natrually darking the color of your urine so that your tests doesnt look diluted. again it doesnt magically clense you but it does temporarily stop thc from being testable in your urine.

Certo drug test

this method is not for blood test or anything else. and im not sure how it works with other drugs. i know however this works for weed. ive been doing this for years and if you understand the science behind it you won’t fail the test for incorrect procedure.

i recomend using a 32 oz of lemon lime gadorade. Certo and b12 pills of any brand. ive never used sure jell i assume the two are different since they are different brands in different boxes i dont know if there is but why risk it? you need to drink about an inch off the top of your Gatorade and pour the entire contents of Certo into your drink. finish it all in the span of at least 5 mins.

Chug about a gallon of water and sometime while your working on the water take 3 b12 pills just for good measure. make sure to urinate 2 or 3 times and when your taking your test only collect mid stream. the begining and end of your urine steam could contain the highest levels of THC should it still be present. only do this trick 1-2 hours before the test good luck!

If you follow this guide you will probably pass your urine test. I also recommend if you budget allows you to buy some Toxin Rid detox pills and start the detox prodram a few days before the drug test. This way, your body will get rid of most toxins before the test and Certo can mask the remaining amount much more easily.

These detox pills are not cheap, but they are proven to work. I will review these pills in my next article. If you have any questons related to Certo or any other detox solution, they leave a comment below, or drop me a mail.