Diane Schuler – Drunk and High Mother that Caused Accident

Millions of Americans have been haunted by this tragic story that took place on July 26, 2009 in New York. As for myself, it took me almost two weeks to get over the shock of eight people dying at once including four small children. I wanted to believe so badly that something medically was wrong, only because I didn’t want to believe that a mother would do this to her own kids and to her brother’s children.

The thought did cross my mind that perhaps she was drunk, but I didn’t entertain that long because I wanted to see what the test results would show. I thought something could have happened medically while driving to make her disoriented. I just wanted to believe the best even though it was a horrible story.

Diane Schuler weed

I saw Diane’s family picture and they looked like a nice, happy family. Lately, we all have been reading about parents driving drunk with their kids in the car.

This is happening all over and very frequently. Since I heard about this story, I woke up a few times during the night and my thoughts immediately were on Warren and Jackie Hance, the parents who lost their three young daughters.

All I could do was just pray for them. That was really the only thing I could do. I don’t know these people or have an address to send them a card or a donation. So, as they came to my mind, which was quite often, I just prayed for them.

My heart has been saddened like millions of other people to hear of this happening in the first place. Then when the toxicology reports came back, people changed from sadness to being furious. Many people have called Diane Schuler a murderer.

Her family appears to be in shock at this point.

As I continue to follow this story, things are slowly getting clearer. Now I am reading that her family members, (not her husband) knew and said that she smoked marijuana to help her sleep. If Diane’s brother in law knew about the marijuana, her husband had to know also. Slowly things are starting to make sense now.

Dan Schuler, Diane’s husband, is disputing these toxicology reports and blaming the accident on some ailments that she had. I don’t think that anyone can dispute these findings. Plus a bottle of vodka was at the accident scene as proof. Now Diane’s husband and lawyer are saying that Anbesol caused the accident. I really don’t know how they will get out of this one.

This story is too sad beyond words. New York authorities have called this the worst accident in 75 years.

This article has made national news because of the severity of it. Unfortunately, we continue to hear of these stories because cocaine and alcohol is such an addiction and people do not know how to drink in moderation like the Bible teaches us to. Something needs to be done immediately, because this seems to be a growing trend that is not getting better but worse.

More and more innocent lives will be at risk if something is not done soon.